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Georgia Politics, Campaigns & Elections for September 6, 2012

Welcome to our new “Black Thursdays,” where we will feature black or majority-black dogs and cats from the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter in advance of the greatest “Black Friday” sale ever. Because of the difficulty in adopting out black animals, known as “Black Dog Syndrome,” the shelter is selling these guys for 67% off – dogs and cats that normally cost $30 adoption fee plus $60 vet fee can be had for $30. Can’t think of a better bargain on a new best friend.

27064 is a female lab mix puppy. $30 out the door!

27044 is a young terrier mix.

27014 is a gorgeous baby female who is described as a hound, but I’d call her a likely lab mix.


People often email to ask me why I don’t post cats more often, and the answer is simply that I don’t have time to do it all. I spend about two hours a day on this newsletter and it’s unpaid time. But today, in honor of Gwinnett County’s Black Friday sale, I’m posting these guys and girls. In honor of Shadow, a black cat that was a great companion to my mother for about sixteen years, I’ll pay the $30 fee for the first person to adopt a black or majority black cat from Gwinnett County tomorrow who can provide me proof of purchase.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns & Elections

While some cats and dogs are hopefully leaving their cells over the weekend, another Gwinnett denizen is headed to a new cell. Former Duluth Mayor and Gwinnett County Commissioner Shirley Fanning Lasseter was sentenced to 33 months in a minumum-level federal prison, followed by three years on probation. According to the Gwinnett Daily Post, “[s]he will be in custody for all 33 months, as there is no parole in the federal system. She will remain free on bond for the next four to six weeks until she’s notified by federal prison officials.”

Also in federal court yesterday, Gwinnett County developer and former Planning Commissioner Mark Gary was charged with attempting to bribe Lasseter with $30,000 worth of poker chips.
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Sumter County Grand Jury recommends removing Board of Education

The Americus Times-Recorder writes that a county Grand Jury has recommended removing the members of the county Board of Education.

the Grand Jury’s investigative committee determined the evidence  points to the abuse of power of the Board and in all made 29 recommendations and stated that in the short-term solutions can be derived from removing power and influence from the Board and be subject to monitoring by an independent,  outside authority.

The report says that the Grand Jury “finds it difficult to entrust the multi-million dollar budget of the system to individual board members who find managing their $2,000 expense accounts too complicated to fully understand and comply,” and recommends that board members “pay overages due within 30 days or face possible criminal charges, establish[] a procedure for monitoring expenditures and collecting balances and adopt[] the state travel expense reimbursement policy for school board travel expenses.”

In reviewing expense reports the Grand Jury determined there is “a lack of accountability for using public funds, concerning travel expenses and mileage.” The reports states that when some Board members provided testimony at the Grand Jury hearings, the investigative committee as a whole found their justifications as to the definition of travel expenses “unbelievable,” as there was a vast discrepancy in interpretation.

“Some members did comply while others blatantly stated that they would not reimburse the system, because they do not feel that they owe the system any money and ‘previous boards do not dictate the current board’ ” the report states.