Violation issued on animal rescue shelter |


Violation issued on animal rescue shelter |

The Georgia Department of Agriculture on Monday released a document showing it issued a new violation Wednesday to the Wilmington Island rescue shelter run by Diane Abolt, wife of county manager Russ Abolt.

“Due to the review of recent reports on this facility by the Atlanta office it has been determined necessary to issue a violation for selling or adoption of injured/diseased/abnormal animals,” inspector Dianna Sellers wrote.

Abolt failed to report cases of parvovirus in puppies in a timely manner, said Mark Murrah, animal protection manager. The state requires the disease to be reported within one business day of its discovery.

Documents previously obtained by the Savannah Morning News through an open records request indicate one set of cases — in a litter of six puppies — was reported about two weeks late.

Another set of two cases in litter mates was reported to the agriculture department not by Abolt but by a Savannah attorney who adopted one of the dogs from F.A.C.T.S.

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