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5 Ways Politicians Should Use Social Media For Grassroots Mobilization

Grassroots mobilization is a way to build public support for any type of change by building awareness and using it to support action and legislation. The more you mobilize and the bigger the movement, the greater chance you have to make an impact.

With the 24 hour news cycle and year-round interest in political issues, social media is now a key platform with which any elected official can leverage their campaign supporters to become legislative and policy supporters.

To ensure politicians maximize their ability to mobilize grassroots supporters, I am sharing 5 ways you should use social media for grassroots mobilization.

1. Consistency –

Congratulations! You won the election, but did you remember to post an update thanking those for their vote? Did you tell them what your next move is? Your supporters deserve consistent communications through social media year around.

If you leave them radio silent too long after victory, you will quickly see your friend count and followers drop off. Take Mitt Romney for example. He only updated his Twitter once on election day and once the day after election. He did not share unique information and quickly became irrelevant as a source of up-to-date news. He rapidly lost social media connections at the rate of roughly 500 people per hour the week after the election.

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