Stockbridge City Council turns into Cage Death Match


Stockbridge City Council turns into Cage Death Match

CBS Atlanta 46

From CBS Atlanta:

After adjournment, City Councilman Harold Cochran got into a shoving match with a man who supports Mayor Lee Stuart. A police officer removed the man from the council chamber.

“Get him out,” said City Councilwoman Robin Buschman. “That’s ridiculous. We’re adults!”

“Why don’t you act like an adult and a lady?” shouted a woman who also supports the mayor.

“You don’t even know me,” replied Buschman.

“We need to remove you,” the woman shouted.

Moments later, the mayor argued face-to-face with City Councilman Richard Steinberg and others.

“He got in my wife’s face and started making comments to her and wouldn’t get out of her way and was pushing her around,” said Steinberg. “So I’m going to file a complaint against the mayor now.”

Hours earlier, Stuart appeared in a Henry County judge’s courtroom with his attorney. They attempted but failed to get the judge to grant a temporary restraining order to prevent Stockbridge City Council members from kicking Stuart out of office.

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