State Rep. Rusty Kidd staying Independent


State Rep. Rusty Kidd staying Independent

From the Eatonton Messenger:

The day after the people of Baldwin and Putnam counties re-elected me as their representative to the Georgia Legislature as an independent, I received numerous calls from the media – not from a Republican.

At the time I write this, I have received not one telephone call from any Republican in the Georgia Legislature. Not one congratulating me for winning and not one asking me to switch parties.

They know me, and they know I am the only true Independent elected to the Georgia House. They know my vote will depend on the merits of the issue and how it will affect the people I represent.

Hence, why would they want me in their party when they know I will vote my conviction, not theirs.

At the present, I do not plan to change party.

There is only one thing that could cause me to change party and that would be if the Republican leaders and the governor were to sign in blood that Baldwin and Putnam counties would get 5000 new jobs in 2013-2014.

This will not happen so Independent I am and Independent I will stay.

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