Morning Plum: Dems slam GOP Senate candidates over unemployment benefits


Morning Plum: Dems slam GOP Senate candidates over unemployment benefits

Today, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee will hit multiple Republicans who are vying for their party’s Senate nomination in red states over the Republican refusal to extend benefits – in keeping with the broader Dem effort to make 2014 about economic mobility and inequality. Dems are targeting GOP Senate candidates in Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, New Hampshire, and West Virginia. Here’s the release hitting House GOPers running for Senate in Georgia:

Phil Gingrey, Paul Broun, and Jack Kingston have turned their backs on Georgians looking for work and it’s costing Georgia’s economy millions. Gingrey, Broun, and Kingston have all opposed extending critical unemployment insurance in the past for Georgians looking for work. That kind of irresponsible economic ideology caused 54,400 Georgians to lose critical assistance on December 28.

“Gingrey, Broun, and Kingston’s reckless and irresponsible economic agenda is hurting Georgians who are looking for work, hurting the state’s middle class and will likely cost Georgia’s economy at least $28.9 million by the end of the week,” said Justin Barasky, a spokesman at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “Phil Gingrey, Paul Broun, and Jack Kingston are siding with Washington special interests and the Tea Party instead of doing what’s right for Georgia’s economy, and the middle class and working people are paying the price.”

It’s not yet clear how House Republicans will handle the current extension. GOP leaders have said they are open to the extension if it’s paid for and coupled with a GOP job creation measure. But it’s difficult to imagine any circumstances under which House conservatives support an extension, since groups such as Heritage Action have come out against it even if it’s paid for. You can imagine this becoming an issue in GOP primaries, making a Yes vote even harder. It’s also possible that the Senate will fail to pass an extension, in which case the GOP-controlled House will probably not act at all — an outcome that will also be used against House GOPers running for Senate.

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