Hollow Rumblings about Georgia’s 2014 US Senate Race


Hollow Rumblings about Georgia’s 2014 US Senate Race

From the moment that political pundits on the right as well as the left let fly their shaking in their boots, one has to wonder if the blogosphere is merely obsessed with creating conflict on the right and within GOP primaries just to have something exciting to write about.

Consider one again that Georgia is a reliably conservative state. Consider also that more than ten Republicans have thrown their hats into the political ring to run for the seat. Consider also that two years have passed since the unprecedented setbacks of 2012. Most of all, the US Senate elections of 2014 will be divorced from national concerns about Presidential contenders, whether weak front-runners or wealthy incumbents.

Paul Broun Last of all, the residents of Georgia will be deciding who will represent them, not the national press, not conservative PACs, and certainly not the blogs and polliwogs on the left or the right who are looking at minute-to-minute microdramas to fill up their reportings on events then and now, and what is to come. The US Senate primary takes place May 20, 2014, with a run-off July 22. Such a mechanism might have come in handy in Missouri, since well-financed as well as articulate candidates will more likely succeed winning two primary elections.

Politics used to be a lot of fun, to the extent that men and women followed the trends and trials of local politicians and policy forays with nuance and discernment. Now it appears that minute-media is taking any slight deviation out of proportion and fomenting doubts about future political bouts. Even Breitbart has jumped into the Georgia-based tempests in a teapot, posting that Republican-connected PACs are donating money to Michelle Nunn. How are these revelations constructive, let alone informative?

The Peach State gets to decide its state of affairs, locally and nationally. All this upsetting, impolitic predictions may cause more upset than the Republican candidates themselves.

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