Kingston weighs in on Syria, vice presidential visit to Savannah |


Kingston weighs in on Syria, vice presidential visit to Savannah |

U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston said Monday he thought President Barack Obama’s decision to seek Congressional approval for a military strike against Syria instead of acting on his own was the right one.

“The American people need to focus on this, and this will be part of the process,” the Savannah Republican told reporters Monday at a Starbucks on the city’s eastside. “But we’re going to have a lot of questions.”

Among the issues the congressman sought clarity on were how long military action would last, whether it would be by sea or air, whether the U.S. would have allies, how much the strike would cost and what would be accomplished.

“What is the ultimate objective?” he asked. “How will we know what success was?”

The president announced Saturday he would seek congressional approval for a strike following revelations alleging Syria’s regime killed hundreds in an attack using chemical weapons.

Kingston called the situation “horrific,” but said he was leaning away from voting toward a strike.

“Right now, I’m leaning no, but I want to find out how wide of a strike this would be and what would be the ramifications of it,” Kingston said.

The congressman said feedback from constituents on the matter has been limited but largely negative.

“The feedback that we have been getting has been in opposition of it,” he said. “However, I think that we have to have a good learning curve as a nation. We all need to know the answers to some of the basic questions.”

Kingston also weighed in on last week’s announcement from the White House that Vice President Joe Biden would be visiting Savannah’s port Sept. 16.

“I’m glad the vice president is coming,” Kingston said. “The president has expressed support for the deepening of the Savannah River. We’ve had visits from the Department of Defense before and from the Department of Transportation. Anything that raises the visibility is an important thing.”

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