ICYMI: John McCallum’s 4th Quarter Fundraising Top All GA-1 Congressional Candidates


ICYMI: John McCallum’s 4th Quarter Fundraising Top All GA-1 Congressional Candidates

Conservative entrepreneur and former Newt Gingrich aide John McCallum proved his fundraising prowess by raking in more than $350,000 in his first quarter as a congressional candidate.  McCallum’s haul was not only the largest in Georgia’s 1st Congressional District, but it also topped every Republican candidate for U.S. House in the entire state of Georgia.

While there is a crowded field of Republican candidates vying to replace Congressman Jack Kingston, who is in a hotly contested race for the United States Senate, the latest campaign finance reports indicate a two-man battle between McCallum and Carter to represent Coastal Georgia in the United States House of Representatives.

  • The newest top tier candidate in the GA-1 race, John McCallum raked in $363,658.67 in contributions (including a $100,000 loan) in the last quarter of 2013. Coming in a distant second was Sen. Buddy Carter who reported  $168,072.03 in campaign contributions.
  • With a strong fundraising network and a growing number of grassroots activists joining the campaign, John McCallum will have the resources needed to spread his message of bold, common sense, conservatism across Georgia’s 1st Congressional District.
  • As Election Day draws near, McCallum is peaking at exactly the right time.  With strong fundraising support and a growing grassroots army, McCallum will have the momentum needed to get out the vote and secure victory at the ballot box.

As the field shrinks, McCallum is emerging as the only Republican candidate with the fundraising network and grassroots operation strong enough to deliver victory on Election Day.  While Sen. Buddy Carter boasts Name ID and a sizeable war chest, John McCallum has clearly earned his frontrunner status.

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