Sen. John Albers – February Newsletter


Sen. John Albers – February Newsletter

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John Albers

From Senator John Albers – February Newsletter


Our 2014 legislative session is moving swiftly with lawmakers hard at work balancing the budget and creating opportunities for Georgians.  As usual, I have a full workload of legislation aimed at economic development, supporting families, protecting our citizens and being fiscally responsible.   

On February 23, Kari and I will celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary.  We met in college (University of Louisville) where I worked for her Dad.  Little known fact, she turned me down 3 times before allowing me to take her out on the coveted first date!  

2014 Town Hall Meetings

We have received great participation and questions at our town hall meetings so far this year.  Please attend and bring your family.  I am looking forward to providing updates and hearing from you.

February 15, 2014       Johns Creek
 at the Newtown Community Center 

March 1, 2014             Alpharetta/Milton at Alpharetta City Hall

March 15, 2014           Sandy Springs at Sandy Springs City Hall

*All meetings held at 11:00 am. 


The state budget is showing signs of improvement. During Governor Deal’s recent “State of the State” address, he proposed a $20.8 billion budget for FY2015, which includes a large funding increase for K-12 and higher education initiatives. Georgia is home to nearly 90 accredited colleges, universities and technical schools who graduate a combined total of 50,000 students annually. Providing funding for Georgia’s educational programs is paramount to making our state an attractive destination for business and ensuring a talented, highly-skilled workforce. 

Jobs in Georgia

The State of Georgia is home to hundreds of thousands of businesses who keep our local communities well and thriving. This remarkable trend in economic growth is the direct result of our state’s ongoing commitment to drive innovation, reduce business costs and cultivate an environment right for economic success. As a result of these pro-business policies, Georgia has added approximately 217,000 new jobs over the past three years. Another positive indicator of our state’s business climate is our unemployment rate, which has continued to decline steadily since the height of the recession.

Prioritizing your tax dollars

The FY2015 budget allocated funding to ensure the public safety of all Georgians, setting aside $12.1 million to maintain current case workers and $9.2 million to create 202 new jobs overseeing the welfare of children and the elderly. Additionally, the proposed budget allocates $5 million for the expansion of adult felony drug and mental health accountability courts and the community-based Juvenile Incentive Funding Grant. Both are an essential part of the criminal justice and juvenile justice reform bills passed in 2012 and 2013.

Although the bills each session change from year to year, our focus on pro-business legislation remains constant. Georgia’s economic recovery can only continue if our state maintains a strong pro-growth environment creating job opportunities for all Georgians.

What is John working on this year?

My top priorities are always: jobs, families and public safety.  I am sponsoring numerous bills this year to facilitate these priorities including moving to a fair tax, protecting our senior citizens, protecting our personal information, supporting our firefighters, police officers and military heroes, protecting foster children, bringing more technology to the classroom and continuing to reform Fulton County.

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