Gov. Deal sells Gainesville auto salvage business


Gov. Deal sells Gainesville auto salvage business

Gov. Nathan Deal and business partner Ken Cronan have sold their Gainesville Salvage and Disposal business in Hall County.

Jimmy Allen, trustee for Deal’s blind trust, which includes all his assets and debts, confirmed the sale Wednesday evening.

Deal faces re-election next year. In his first run for governor in 2010, the business was the source of ethics charges made against the former Hall County congressman.

Deal and Cronan retain ownership of the land

The salvage business contracted with the state to provide space for state employees to inspect rebuilt vehicles.

Allen said he decided to sell the business because he was offered a good deal. He declined to name the purchaser or the price.

Attempts to reach Randy Evans, Deal’s attorney, at his place of business and through email were unsuccessful.

“The governor’s I guess 69 or 70 (he turns 71 on Aug. 25),” Allen said. “He probably wouldn’t be in a business like that forever anyway and the people that came along that wanted to buy it had a strong interest in it, so we thought it was a good offer and just decided to take it while we had the opportunity to.”

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