Georgia Adoptable Dogs for June 7, 2013


Georgia Adoptable Dogs for June 7, 2013

GwinnettSchnauzerThis adult male Schnauzer is very friendly and is waiting for his new home at the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter, where he will be eligible for adoption beginning Tuesday, June 11th.GwinnettWheatenOr this young male Terrier mix, who is eligible for a new home tomorrow at the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter.Gwinnett31773 I’m not a cat person, but last year, 2,481 cats were brought into the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter and 35 kittens were born there and 1929 were euthanized for a 77% kill rate. That’s not acceptable from a taxpayer perspective to be operating an industrial scale cat euthanasia mill, nor is it acceptable from a humanity perspective. The shelter’s full right now, so kittens like these are unlikely to make it out unless you do something today to adopt, foster, or support cat rescue and cat sterilization. Not knowing much about cat rescue, if I were looking for a group to work with, I’d start with Angels Among Us, one of my favorite dog rescue groups, who also works with cats.GwinnettCat31789You can support cat rescue and responsible cat ownership, which means sterilization, without becoming this:

Crazy Cat Lady


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  • Roninjax says:


    One spring evening in 2012, my wife Debbie and I were in our front yard enjoying a beautiful end to a great day. We live on a very busy two lane road in Henry County, but we could hear what seemed to be an animal distressed sound coming from across the street in the woods and high weeds. Debbie said it sounds like a cat or kitten and started walking toward the road. I do not particularly like cats and I said to her “Don’t go over there, it might be mad, sick, have rabies or something worse. Debbie didn’t slow down and just kept on walking.
    In a few minutes she came back with a tiny solid black kitten in her arms the kitten was sort of cute, but what do we do with it now? She put the cat down and it had a bad limp in its right back leg. We went in the house and got some water and some of our mini schnauzer Jake’s food. The kitty was very hungry but now my thoughts were really, yes but what do we do with it now? Remember, I really don’t like cats.
    The weather was good the next few days and the kitten stayed on our front porch and was supplied with a place to lie down, water to drink and food to eat. In the coming mornings when I got up and went out to get the AJC newspaper the tiny limping kitten ran out with me to get the paper. As days passed, as soon as I opened the front door, the kitten would actually sprint out in front of me to lead me to the newspaper. I got kind of use to this routine and enjoyed the company.
    I knew after a few days that the status of this cat’s staying with us was becoming a serious situation, because I don’t particularly like cats. Soon Debbie came up with a name for the cat and it was now obvious that the situation was even more serious.
    In an effort to introduce the kitten to Jake, we would bring the kitten inside in a small pet kennel. Several times we let the kitten out of the kennel and were very close to fur flying from both parties, but with quick action, we survived these episodes with no serious damage to either the dog or the cat. Before long it appeared certain that we would keep the cat. I am still much divided because I don’t particularly like cats.
    Never having been a cat person, I really didn’t want a cat litter box in our home. The cat was used to being outside and we really didn’t know how to get him to use a litter box, which was fine with me.
    Jake our mini schnauzer, uses a doggy door to go from the house to the garage and also one from the garage to the outside covered patio and fenced in yard. The new cat learned how to use the doggy doors. Life was good.
    In July we went out of town for a few days and our wonderful pet sitter Eindy Ramsey cared for our two animals. I shared with Eindy the story behind the cat and she stated that the cat is an outside cat and one day he might not come home. Little did I know that one day that would be true.
    Even though I do not particularly like cats, the cat became a part of our family. Whether sleeping on the back headrest of the sofa or sleeping under the curtains in the dining room, the cat was becoming a homebody. Occasionally the cat would come in thru the doggy doors and on the kitchen floor he would deposit a dead or sometimes live lizard, snake or small animal. Some time with the live snakes, it got a little more exciting than we needed. Before the cat, we had a problem with chipmunks burrowing around our homes foundation and the cat eliminated this problem. That was a good thing.
    As time goes on, Debbie’s and my bed partners consists of Jake and the cat. Some nights Deb and I didn’t get as much sleep as we would have liked but the four of us became family. Ron, Debbie, Jake and the Cat.
    Every morning when I got up to go get coffee, the cat would always be running with me to the kitchen, making cat sounds, demanding that he be fed before anyone else and certainly before I got my coffee. This attitude reinforced my position of not particularly liking cats.
    Yesterday morning I got up and the cat was not around, which was unusual. I had an early sales call in Atlanta and I went ahead and put out food for Jake and the cat before I left. As I turned out of our driveway onto the road, I saw a dark object on the road ahead. I immediately pulled over and got out. To my horror, I was looking at the badly damaged body of the cat lying in the road. I picked him up and went to the house. I have never cared much for cats, but realized at that moment that I loved that cat. The cats name was Murphy, and today I sadly said good bye to my buddy “Mr. Murph”.
    Ron Moon
    January 24, 2013