Washingtonpost.com Special Report: Clinton Accused


Washingtonpost.com Special Report: Clinton Accused

Rep. Bob Barr has never shied away from political bungee-jumping.

When he was a Reagan-appointed U.S. attorney who craved elective office in Georgia, he enraged the state’s GOP establishment by successfully prosecuting one of its own, then-Rep. Pat Swindall. Three years later in 1992, during a tight Senate primary race against now-Sen. Paul Coverdell (R-Ga.), Barr enlivened a Leukemia Society luncheon by – as one local newspaper put it – “licking whipped cream from the chests of two buxom women.”

In 1995, as a House freshman from Georgia’s conservative 7th Congressional District outside Atlanta, he championed the so-called Defense of Marriage Act – notwithstanding that Barr himself was on his third marriage while his two divorces and a dispute over medical expenses with his second wife were issues used by opponents in the 1994 campaign.

Now Barr, 49, is leading the charge to impeach a popular president – and making the Republican leadership just a tad nervous.

“My constituents didn’t send me up here to glad-hand and have a good time. They sent me up here to get something done,” Barr said recently in his Longworth Building office, as a spate of allegations about Clinton and a White House intern garnered publicity, if not support, for HR 304. That’s Barr’s resolution directing the House Judiciary Committee “to undertake an inquiry into whether grounds exist to impeach William Jefferson Clinton, the President of the United States.” Barr introduced it last fall – way before the current headlines – claiming White House abuses of power in earlier scandals.

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