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Direct mail, robocall shenanigans in campaign for House District 66

Somebody, my guess being the Mickey Thompson campaign for State House, sent out an anonymous mailpiece attacking Mike Miller, who is one of Thompson’s opponents in the race for House District 66.

The mailer reprints a letter purportedly written by Douglas County Republican Party Chairman Bert Blood.


The same day the mailpiece landed in mailboxes across the district, a robocall was sent calling attention to the mailpiece.

But then another robocall went out recorded by Bert Blood and disclaiming the mailing.

Here’s the press release by the Mike Miller Campaign:

Mike Miller Denounces Anonymous Mailer and Robocall in House District 66 Race

–Miller challenges opponents to more ethical campaigning —

Douglasville, Ga. (July 12, 2012) – Today Mike Miller, candidate for Ga. State House District 66, denounced the dissemination of an anonymous mailer and robocall sent to voters in Douglas and Paulding counties.

“I am greatly disappointed that an anonymous mailer and robocall has been disseminated to the voters of House District 66 attacking me with false smears and lies under the guise of coming from Douglas County GOP Chairman Bert Blood,” said Miller. “Chairman Blood has already done a statement and a robocall on my behalf stating that he did not authorize the anonymous mailer in question.”

In an anonymous mailer containing an improper and unauthorized letter from local GOP Chairman Bert Blood, Miller is attacked for having a volunteer in his campaign from the Georgia Teenage Republicans leadership. Georgia Teenage Republicans are permitted and encouraged to volunteer in campaigns under their by-laws.

“Apparently one of my opponents has hired consultants who must get drunk, sit around and do stupid anonymous mailers and robocalls,” a fired-up Miller said. “One of these candidates should take responsibility for these deplorable tactics by his consultants.”

As a member of the Douglas County School Board, Mike fought for transparency and accountability and has continued those principles in his campaign for the state legislature. A proponent of ethics and  openness in government, he would also like to see more transparency and accountability in campaigning.

“If elected to serve the people of House District 66, I will work to sponsor legislation that will require local and state candidates to take responsibility for all aspects of their campaign, including all mailers and robocalls,” said Miller. “Anonymous attack mailers and robocalls in campaigns keep good people from running for office in Georgia.”

For more information about the Committee to Elect Mike Miller to State House, visit www.votemikemiller.org

About Mike Miller, Candidate for State House District 66


Mike Miller currently serves on the Douglas County School Board where he has been a stalwart for fiscal responsibility and transparency. Mike is also a small business owner, serving as managing partner of the law firm of Miller and Hightower, P.C. in Douglasville. Mike is a graduate of the University of West Georgia with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and received his Juris Doctorate from the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University. Mike is a lifelong resident of Douglasville and graduated from Alexander High School.