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Senator David Shafer receives A+ rating from Center for an Educated Georgia

Sen. David Shafer (R-Duluth) received an A+ grade from the Center for an Educated Georgia because of his an unwavering commitment to advancing education reform at the State Capitol. The Center is affiliated with the Georgia Family Council. “Every Georgia child should have access to the best possible education,” said Sen. Shafer. “I am honored to be recognized for my legislative work advancing education reform.”

The Center for Educated Georgia’s report card lists current legislators’ votes on 20 major education legislation in three categories since 2007. The graded bills were selected for their potential to improve public education in Georgia and legislators were assigned a grade in each of the three categories and received a final letter grade equivalent between A+ and F. Legislators’ grades are available online .

“We appreciate Senator Shafer’s strong support for better education in Georgia and congratulate him on an A+ rating on our legislator report card,” said Eric Cochling, vice-president of public policy at Georgia Family Council, the home of the Center for an Educated Georgia. “He has demonstrated a clear commitment to improving education for all of Georgia’s students.”