T-SPLOST survey


T-SPLOST survey

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  • Captain America says:

    I think all GOP candidates for State House and State Senate who are for this tax should be listed on this page. If you know a candidate who publically supports the largest tax increase coming to GA, place their name on here! One candidate that is for this horrible tax is Candidate Adam Jacobson (R) for State House Seat 180. He openly stated at a fourm last night ( April 19) that he would vote for the tax even though it was unconstitutional because it is an “out of the box” idea.

  • ArtfulDodger says:

    Why do you think this tax is the largest tax increase? How many other 1% taxes are there in this state. The answer is lots. The state itself has taxes of 2-4% on purchases. Then there are various local taxes. This state trails most of the country in spending on Transportation per capita coming in 48th. It is even worse when it comes to supporting mass transit. Our school systems rate just as badly. This is nothing to be proud of. We need to invest in our education and infrastruture if we are to have good economy. Now we still trail the country in unemployment levels. The project list leaves lots to be desired and nstead of consisting of projects that are of real regional impact consists of some projects of regional impact but lots of local projects so that the politicians could say that the money collected in the county stayed in the county while ignoring the fact that many people commute to other counties and those commutes have not been improved as much as they should have been. And you can also say that the travels of people to other counties for leasure, cultural and shopping activites hasn’t been helped either. The there is the issue that we need $120B in transportation projects in metro Atlanta over the next 20-30 years and this tax will raise about 5% of that total in the next ten years leaving a vast need for even more funding that the state legislature refuses to discuss. Yet businesses are telling us they are not relocating here because we are not addressing the traffic. This isn’t good for our economy or quality of life.

  • Captain America says:

    “For a government to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket trying to lift himself up by the handle.” Winston Churchill

  • aslansfool says:

    The last time I was in the metroAtlanta area I sure wished some of all those cars had been replaced by buses or and extra Marta train. I wouldn’t mind paying an extra 1 cent tax just to get some of those local folk off the road to make room for the rest of the state when we have to go there.

    • IronBard says:

      Marta is large enough now to relieve congestion significantly. The size of Marta isn’t the problem. The issue is that people DON’T WANT TO USE IT. It is their choice not to use it and that is fine. A sales tax isn’t going to put more riders on Marta. It is amazing to me how people just assume that taxing people or increasing the fare will put more riders on a transportation system that really no one even wanted to begin with.

  • jimd says:

    You can be for or against T-SPLOST as you like, but please don’t characterize it as a transit tax. Only 44% of the total funding is for transit, and if you live outside Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton or Cobb counties, virtually all of the money raised in your county will go to roads.