Suit against Clayton sheriff claims retaliation, hostile… |


Suit against Clayton sheriff claims retaliation, hostile… |

One former and two current employees of the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office are suing Sheriff Victor Hill for allegedly retaliating against them because they successfully sued him in 2005.

Former Chief Deputy Garland Watkins, who ran against Hill as a write-in candidate last year, and Lt. Brian Crisp and Lt. Jeffrey Mitchell, say in their complaint filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Atlanta that Hill demoted or marginalized them to punish them for their previous wrongful termination suit and for supporting his political opponents the three times he ran for sheriff — two elections he won and one that he lost.

Watkins, who resigned in June to take a position in the District Attorney’s Office, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “No one in our position should have to go through this type of retaliation.”

Hill’s office did not respond to requests for comment. County Attorney Jack Hancock said he had not seen the suit so he had no comment other than “the county will file a response at the appropriate time.”

The suit — which names Hill, Chief Deputy Shon Hill and the county — says the sheriff “engaged in a retaliatory campaign of severe harassment and intimidation,” creating a “hostile and unwelcome” workplace for Watkins, Crisp and Mitchell.

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