SS Titanic names new Navigator


SS Titanic names new Navigator

I just received an email that Senator Lester Jackson has been named Navigator Treasurer of the S.S. Titanic Georgia Democratic Party.

Condolencesgratulations, Senator!

Hello Everyone,

We’ve made it through candidate qualifying and now it’s finally election season. As we move forward to victory in November, I am pleased to announce an exciting change in our leadership team.

Senator Lester Jackson (D-Savannah) has agreed to come on-board as our interim Treasurer. This is an extremely important position as we move forward into the fall election cycle. Senator Jackson is not only an accomplished leader and political fundraiser but he is also a well-respected small business owner. He was appointed as one of our DNC members by the President who recognized these talents.

Senator Jackson understands the unique ways political parties are funded and operated. He knows how Finance Committees should operate and how money should be raised. He understands balance sheets, the difference between long and short-term debt strategies, how to tell the difference and how to apply these principles to maximize our party’s financial potential. Furthermore, he knows what it takes to move the party forward with a strategic plan that will work for quite some time to come- especially in light of the impact of Citizen’s United and the advent of Super-PAC’s.

Senator Jackson has confirmed that he will be running for the permanent position of Treasurer as well. This interim appointment will give him vital knowledge of our organizational goals and a great head start should he win his election in June to be our permanent elected Treasurer.

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