Solar has bright future in Georgia |


Solar has bright future in Georgia |

Despite an abundance of sunshine, Georgia lags behind other states in installing solar power. That’s poised to change, and as it does, solar is making new friends out of old rivals.

“How many people in this room would believe that the Tea Parties would be forming a partnership or coalition with the Sierra Club to actually push for more solar in Georgia if I had told you a year ago?” asked Atlanta Tea Party Patriots co-founder Debbie Dooley during the Coastal Georgia Solar Summit on Jekyll Island earlier this month.

Not one hand went up in response, but it’s true.

The two groups are at the core of the Green Tea Coalition, formed with an initial purpose of supporting solar energy and furthering a recent victory that occurred in July when the Georgia Public Service Commission voted 3-2 for Georgia Power to include an additional 525 megawatts of solar in its 20-year plan. That’s on top of 260 megawatts already planned.

The increase is huge, notes Jennette Gayer, of Environment Georgia, which recently ranked states by solar production. Georgia’s current production of 25 megawatts came in 23th on a per capita basis, but that’s sunnier than it seems.

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