Scores of Fulton voters registered at empty lots |


Scores of Fulton voters registered at empty lots |

More questions have been raised about the integrity of Fulton County elections, specifically whether a flawed registration database has allowed voters to cast fraudulent ballots by claiming they live at vacant addresses.

In November, 122 people who voted are still registered at demolished Atlanta public housing projects, elections Interim Director Sharon Mitchell told the department’s oversight board on Thursday.

The problem could be more widespread. Fulton’s Information Technology department ran a crosscheck and found 10,000 people registered at vacant lots and vacant buildings throughout the county, Mitchell said.

“I had no idea it was that bad,” said Gary Smith, a former Forsyth County elections supervisor who worked as a consultant for Fulton during last year’s presidential contest and penned a damning report about its operations. “It just shows what we’ve been talking about all along with the voter registration database — it’s a mess.”

Both state and county officials have known for years that scores of voters were tied to nonexistent projects, but efforts to fix the problem came too late to clean up the rolls before last year’s presidential election. While it is a shared responsibility between voters and the state to keep address records up to date, Mitchell’s staff has yet to find that any of 122 voters in question submitted change-of-address forms before the election.

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