Republican Derrick Grayson enters race for U.S. Senate in Georgia


Republican Derrick Grayson enters race for U.S. Senate in Georgia

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Atlanta, Georgia, – Minister Derrick E. Grayson, a Republican and Georgia native has announced that he is running for the U.S. Senate representing the people of the Great State of Georgia.

“There is no doubt that many Americans are struggling and hurting. Despite all the promises by our elected officials, career politicians, and so-called leaders, many people all across this great nation are finding it more and more difficult to cope with the various challenges brought about by out of touch politicians. The erosion of personal freedom and liberty as a result of federal policy and legislation is alarming. Instead of encouraging job creation, current policies promote a culture of dependence on big government and welfare programs. It is time we go back to the conservative values and the principles of limited government and individual responsibility that helped to make America a great nation. The days of self serving politicians and those who seek enrichment by special interest are over. Americans are capable of making decision for ourselves. We don’t need more so-called leaders. We can determine our own destiny. What we need now are strong and principled voices that will stand and represent the will of ‘We the People’ and who will honor the oath to support and defend the Constitution.”

A veteran of the U.S. Navy and now Senior Network Engineer for MARTA, Mr. Grayson has been a very vocal critic of the expansion and over reach of the federal government, as well as the growing dependency on government and entitlement programs.

Minister Grayson who has garnered much support and attention from grass-roots and Tea Party conservatives plans to continue addressing the difficult issues of jobs and the economy, the national debt and deficit, limited government, empowerment for the poor, defense of the second amendment, and educating others on the importance of individual freedoms and liberty.

Minister Grayson has been married for over twenty years, is the father of all girls, and currently resides in the Stone Mountain suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

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