Rep. Tom Price: Combating the Threat of Terrorism


Rep. Tom Price: Combating the Threat of Terrorism

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From Congressman Tom Price 

Rep. Tom Price: Combating the Threat of Terrorism

This past Thursday was the 13th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11. It was a time to honor the memory of those souls that were lost on September 11, 2001, and to express our gratitude for the courage and sacrifice of the first responders and others who ran toward danger to save lives.

Over the years since 9/11, through the heroic service of our military and our intelligence community, through the hard-work and vigilance of local, state and national authorities, we have protected our homeland and taken the fight to those who seek to murder innocent men, women and children. It’s a fight that continues today. As we have been reminded in the past months and as the president outlined in his speech to the nation last week regarding the ISIS army in Iraq and Syria, the threat of terrorism remains. It is born of instability and extremist ideology and intent on fomenting more of both.

At times like these, the world understandably turns to America for leadership. In his speech last week, the president attempted to lay out what role he thinks America should have and the actions we should take to combat the threat of ISIS to America, American interest and allies. It’s unfortunate that it has taken the president this long to begin to put forward his plan – particularly after the threat of ISIS has been obvious for some time now and years of a misguided lead-from-behind foreign policy has created vacuums filled by further instability and violence in the Middle East and elsewhere. I look forward to a candid discussion with my colleagues in Congress about the president’s newfound strategy and make a determination on whether there’s a true plan here that reflects and can competently address the threats we face.

America must do what’s necessary to defend individual freedom and our way of life. Above all, we will never let such violence or those who would perpetrate such attacks intimidate America or go unanswered.

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