Gov. Nathan Deal: Carter to Obama: ‘Forget What I said Before’


Gov. Nathan Deal: Carter to Obama: ‘Forget What I said Before’

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From Governor Nathan Deal

Carter to Obama: ‘Forget what I said before’

Senator Jason Carter doesn’t seem quite as excited to have his longtime friend, President Obama, in town as he has in the past. The president will visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in DeKalb County tomorrow. Carter’s unusual silence on social media suggests he will not attend.
The pair have much in common. Both Obama and Carter are inexperienced state senators from Chicago who rely on Hollywood celebrities, union bosses, and New York liberal elites for fundraising.
“Carter has been an outspoken supporter of President Obama’s, whether it’s tweeting adoringly or advocating for his failed policies,” Deal for Governor spokeswoman Jen Talaber said. “In fact, Carter supports a Medicaid expansion plan more expensive than President Obama’s plan, which is where the pair differ. But since Carter decided to run for governor, he’s changed his tune. No Obama fundraisers. No excited tweets.
I’m sure the president will miss him when he arrives in Atlanta tomorrow.”

A timeline of the Carter-Obama friendship:
In June 2011, he cheered when a lower court upheld Obamacare:
November 2011 saw him hosting an Obama fundraiser :


In March 2012, Carter believed President Obama would eliminate the national debt and leave office with a surplus:


President Obama visited Atlanta in February of 2013, much to Carter’s delight:



Carter made sure to introduce the president to his cousin, a researcher who takes credit for Mitt Romney’s “47 percent video.” President Jimmy Carter describes the meeting:


Carter's grandson won Obama reelection
Carter’s grandson won Obama reelection

“What a difference a year makes,” Talaber said. “Even Jason Carter’s political crushes are subject to election-year expediency. This is a pattern Jason has followed with U.S. presidents–he uses them when it’s convenient and runs from them when it’s not. Maybe President Obama will at least be invited to the next Hollywood fundraiser Jimmy Carter hosts for Jason.”



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