Political Notebook: Arguments & No Resolution | Politics | Macon.com


Political Notebook: Arguments & No Resolution | Politics | Macon.com

Macon City Council’s Ordinances & Resolutions Committee meetings are usually peaceful. They’re presided over by Larry Schlesinger, the council’s low-key president pro tem. But a bitter dispute broke out in O&R on Monday, only to bubble up again at the end of Tuesday’s regular council meeting, with reference to resentments from many months ago.

This week’s scrap broke out during discussion of a seemingly trivial item, when Councilwoman Lauren Benedict voted in place of Councilman Charles Jones, while Councilwoman Beverly K. Olson represented Benedict’s committee.

“(Benedict) has to vote for her chairmanship. She can’t designate her vote to someone else,” Council President James Timley said. In O&R, chairmen of the council committees vote to set the full council agenda.

Schlesinger shrugged it off, since the item had enough votes to pass even without Benedict. But Councilwoman Elaine Lucas, who was present though not an O&R member, used the occasion to express her disdain for how Schlesinger and Jones handled committee assignments in December 2011. She ascribed the substitution to a conspiracy to silence her, by not designating her to cast any committee’s vote.

Councilman Henry Ficklin, who’s also not a regular O&R member, accused Jones “and other people” of violating council rules. He eventually got up and walked out, repeating Lucas’ cries of conspiracy.

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