Notes from RightOnline #RO13


Notes from RightOnline #RO13

Facebook rep. @KatieHarbath has a background in Republican campaigns and a stint at the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

“We now have more people using Facebook on a mobile device than on a desktop.”

Sara Mueller paraphrased “more graphics, photos, fewer words.” “Graphic and image related content almost always outperforms simple text.”

Katie Harbath “Content matters the most. People love to share stuff that makes them look smart.”

Sara Mueller “We have clients who come in and say ‘we want more likes, we want more followers,’ and we say, ‘great, what are you going to do with them?'”

Sara “I really discourage people [in politics] from turning off the ability to comment on social media sites.”

“In typical Facebook fashion, we change stuff up all the time.”

FB Katie about what determines what you see on your feed: “On any given day we have approximately 1500 posts we can show you [on Facebook]. We have to prioritize and we can show you about 300 per day. Our algorithm determines what you see based on how much you’ve engaged with a person, how much you’ve engaged with a type of content [i.e., photos or status updates or links], then we look at whether you’re talking about the same kind of stuff other people are talking about. What will hurt you will be if a lot of people hide your posts, or if you say, ‘please like this or share this’ because we found that users didn’t like those and they were becoming a very spammy experience.”

FB Katie: “The amount of engagement someone has with your page will determine how much of your posts they see in the future. If you want them to see more of your posts, get them to engage with something.”

FB Katie: “We found that people interact more with pictures that have people and faces than text, and so if your promoted image has more than 20% text, it will be rejected.”

Sara “Shorter videos tend to work better – think 30 seconds or less, moving toward 15 seconds.”

Stephanie “Pinterest makes you think of your posts and content in a different way.”

FB “From the Facebook side, we recommend posting 3-4 times a day and between 9 and 10 PM is the most engaging time of day, when most people are online.”

Sara – “when it comes to search ads, we usually recommend our clients try at least a dozen, preferably two dozens variations on the phrase they’re using, and then we enter a hundred keywords. With display ad creative, we’ll a/b test different version in a campaign, let it run for a couple of days, and see what performs.”

Q from the moderator: “What did the Obama campaign do on Facebook that beat us?”

1. They had trememdous content that they specialized for the audiences they were trying to reach. They had their main page, women’s page, and state pages that were driven to organize local folks.

2. The field organization that worked in conjunction with the online  “I signed up for the Obama site to see what they were doing and the next day I got a call from their local field organizer asking me to come in to their office and volunteer.”

3. Everything they did was integrated with Facebook.

4. Registration, early voting, election day voting.

5. The culture of their campaign from the top, their campaign manager emphasizing digital, down to their staff and their outreach.

6. Trying to learn from other industries

7. A willingness to try something new, and if it fails, accept that it’s a learning experience, and move to the next new thing to try.

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