Man pushes for ‘gay rights’ license plate, wins |


Man pushes for ‘gay rights’ license plate, wins |

ATLANTA — The man who was behind getting the state law changed for vanity tags spoke exclusively with Channel 2 Action News about his victory.

Cyrus Gilbert applied for a “gay rights” vanity plate. After being told the tag was unavailable, he did some digging and found gay advocacy tags were banned in Georgia. He sued and won his case.

Although his attorney said lifting the ban is a step in the right direction, he believes progress still needs to be made. For instance, the new law bans gun language on a license plate; nonetheless Gilbert considers the latest change a victory.

In January, Gilbert decided to express himself on his license plate. He applied for a vanity — or prestige tag — through the state. His top three choices were “4 gay lib,” “gay guy,” and “gay power.”

“The first one came back as unavailable, as well as second, as well as the third one,” said Gilbert.

He thought it strange all of his choices were taken. Upon further investigation, he realized they were on a banned list through the state’s motor vehicle division.

via Man pushes for ‘gay rights’ license plate, wins |

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