Kennesaw State gives online education model a try |


Kennesaw State gives online education model a try |

Massive online open courses, or MOOCs, have had mixed results so far in higher education, but that hasn’t stopped Kennesaw State University from launching its first such course.

KSU’s MOOC, offered as part of a University System of Georgia multi-institution partnership with the Coursera company, seems to be off to a fast start. Within two weeks of enrollment opening for the course — on blended and online learning in k-12 education — more than 1,500 participants had registered. By the time class starts Jan. 6, enrollment is expected to top 2,500.

“I think people have latched on to the word MOOC because it’s easy to say and spell, but it’s really a field of new learning models,” said Elke Leeds, who is responsible for KSU’s online and distance learning programs.

However, the online learning expansion comes in the wake of early MOOCs launched elsewhere about two years ago not living up to their billing. The mostly free, open online courses initially were hailed as the savior of modern higher education, able to provide thousands of people worldwide with free access to classes taught by renowned professors.

Since then, national studies have found the open courses have drawn thousands of participants, but few have completed them.

Emory University, for example, has seen single-digit completion rates for its MOOCs, Senior Vice Provost Lynn Zimmerman said, adding it “is not unusual to have a 7 percent to 9 percent rate of people who start and work through all the videos and finish the course.”

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