I can kind of sympathize for a split-second


I can kind of sympathize for a split-second

If you work in professional politics for long enough, there comes a moment when you want to strangle a reporter for having the audacity to do his or her job. Those of us who are not psychopaths let that moment go and behave like civilized people.

From the Gwinnett Daily Post:

As authorities try to determine whether a man’s body encased in concrete and buried in a Winder back yard is that of a former Pensacola newspaper reporter, two brothers from that Florida city are being held on charges they concealed the death.

Pensacola police believe the body could be 30-year-old Sean Dugas, a former police and entertainment reporter with the Pensacola News Journal last heard from on Aug. 27, when he spoke with a female friend over the phone.

 This also should never happen:

THIS is what was left of a $12,000 camera after Mark Latham’s meltdown outside a Hungry Jack’s on the first anniversary of his exit as Labor leader.

Mr Latham smashed the camera into dozens of pieces – possibly with a sledgehammer – after attacking a Daily Telegraph photographer.

The Nikon camera is armour-plated and designed for use in war zones – but it was no match for the former Labor leader, who now faces calls to pay for the damage.

After sharing a hamburger with young sons Isaac and Oliver on Thursday, Mr Latham stole the camera from photographer Ross Schultz and then tried to king hit him when he was asked to return it.

Mr Schultz was last night considering assault charges against the former Labor leader, who has a history of violence.

Nikon distributor John Wallace said yesterday the ultra-tough camera must have been smashed with a heavy object such as a sledgehammer to end up in its current state.

“They’re designed for Iraq and East Timor. It’s pretty bullet-proof so for this camera to end up in pieces it must have been absolutely smashed,” said Mr Wallace.

Mr Latham’s former colleague Kevin Rudd expressed little sympathy for him yesterday and seemed eager to write off his time in the leadership as an aberration.


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