How Gov. Deal decides which bills to sign, veto


How Gov. Deal decides which bills to sign, veto

Deal Signing SB 24From Georgia Public Broadcasting:

Deal probably won’t veto many partly because the GOP holds all statewide offices. But it’s also because he’s told lawmakers what bills he will sign, says spokesman Brian Robinson.

“Because of the work the Governor does on the front end with House and Senate leadership but also rank and file members in both chambers, we try to let them know what he will and won’t sign,” he said. “So that the preference is that a bill he won’t sign never gets to his desk.”

“First there’s a policy review to make sure this is in line with what the Governor thinks this is the best direction for the state to take, that is measures up well with his conservative governing philosophy,” he said. “And then second, there’s a technical review where our executive counsel goes through these bills and makes sure there’s no conflict with other Georgia laws.”

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