Adoptable Georgia Dogs for April 3, 2013


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for April 3, 2013

AGADukeThis is Duke, a 7-year old Golden Retriever who is available for adoption from Adopt A Golden Atlanta, but whose more immediate need is a foster home. He’s currently receiving heartworm medication, so he needs a calm place to call home temporarily. Adopt A Golden Atlanta is in dire need of fosters, and until they have more, they can continue to save dogs like Duke, but he’ll stay at a kennel rather than a home.

AGA_Duke3 To foster a dog like Duke with Adopt A Golden, your first step is to fill out the foster application available at Adopt A Golden’s website. As a foster, you’ll take in a dog for usually 5-60 days, and care for him or her in your home as thought they are your own pet. Feeding, playing, exercising, and basic training. Some dogs need foster homes where they’ll be the only dog, others prefer to have foster siblings.AGADuke2There’s also a home check that will be performed by an Adopt A Golden Atlanta volunteer. I’ve done these before, and we had one done at our own home when we adopted Henry, the Golden Non-Retriever. It’s non-obtrusive, just meant to ensure that your home will work, you understand the needs of Goldens, and they’ll have adequate play/exercise. It’s designed to prevent foster returns, and to help minimize the disruptions for these poor sweet dogs who have already lost one home.

AGA_AmyLGIf you foster a dog like Amy, above, an eight-year old, 70-pound female who is currently staying in a kennel instead of a foster home, you’ll be getting a dog that has been fully-vetted and brought up-to-date on their vaccinations, and all veterinary expenses will be taken care of by AGA as long as you use their approved vet.

Fostering is an ideal situation for dog lovers who think they might have a little extra room in their home, but aren’t sure if they’re ready for a new dog after a best friend passes, or who don’t think they can have a permanent dog because of frequent travel, but are willing to make adjustments to their lifestyle to help save one beautiful soul.

Murray Mini B&TI think of this dog as being sort of a miniature Black and Tan Coonhound; she’s about 2-1/2 years old and 28 pounds and gets along well with other dogs and people. She is on the euthanasia list for Friday morning at Murray County Animal Shelter. If you want to rescue or foster her, call Lisa Hester at 770-441-0329 or email

Also on the euthanasia list at the Murray County Animal Shelter in Chatsworth, Ga are the following dogs (left to right): a purebred young Bluetick Coon Hound who is sweet, quiet and friendly; a box of ten 8-week old puppies; and two 15-year old cream-colored Lab puppies. If you want to rescue or foster one of these dogs, call Lisa Hester at 770-441-0329 or email or you may visit their page on Facebook.

Transportation is available for any of the Murray County dogs.


GwinnettYoungsterThe Gwinnett County Animal Shelter’s pods for dogs under 1-1/2 years old is full and dogs like this sweet young male will be euthanized to make room unless you help out by adopting or fostering. If you’re interested in fostering but don’t have a rescue organization you help, email me, and I can make a couple recommendations.

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