Georiga GOP mulls over election changes |


Georiga GOP mulls over election changes |

The article quotes Jason Thompson three times, but never quotes anyone who opposes the elimination of Republican primary elections.

Changes could be coming to the way Republican voters choose their candidates.

The state committee of the Georgia GOP will vote this weekend whether to study doing away with those summer primaries in favor of a convention of party insiders.

“It gives informed voters really the power to nominate the right people instead of a name that they know,” says Jason Thompson, who chairs the party’s Seventh Congressional District of Gwinnett and Forsyth Counties.

He tells WSB’s Sandra Parrish it would also prevent the high dollar spending on primary campaigns that most grassroots activists cannot afford.

“What it would do for Republicans is instead of having a bloodbath every time in the primary, it would help us battle it out at a convention,” says Thompson. “We get our person in there, and then they can use their money in the General Election.”

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