Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for June 3, 2016


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for June 3, 2016

On June 3, 1941, Georgia voters ratified a Constitutional Amendment extending the term of office for Governor and the other Constitutional Officers from two years to four. Governor Eugene Talmadge campaigned for the Amendment, hoping to serve a four-year term after the two-year term he currently held, but was defeated in the 1942 Democratic Primary by Ellis Arnall. Remember this phrase: legislation almost always has unintended consequences.

On June 3, 1942, Curtis Mayfield was born in Chicago, Illinois and would later live in Atlanta, dying in Roswell in 1999.

On the morning of June 3, 1962, a plane carrying 106 Georgians crashed on take-off from Orly near Paris, the deadliest crash in aviation to that date.

On June 3, 1980, Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter had amassed enough delegates to assure his nomination in the Democratic Primary for President.

Today is the anniversary of the beginning of the Tiananman Square Massacre in Beijing, China. Pro-democracy protests had begun on April 15, 1989 and on May 20, martial law was declared. The People’s Liberation Army began taking the square back on the evening of June 3d.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections

The 2016 Georgia Republican State Convention convenes today at the Augusta Convention Center. Among the highlights will be:


11 AM  – Speech and Book Signing with John “Tig” Tiegen sponsored by Linda Clary Umberger

Noon – Engagement Lunch at Pinnacle Club

2 PM – Convention Gavels In; to recess at 5 PM

5 PM – Hospitality Suites hosted by Linda Clary Umberger, Maria Zack, and Ginger Howard, all candidates for National Committeewoman; Fulton GOP; 7th District GOP

5:30 PM – RLG/CLI Alumni reception at the Cotton Patch, hosted by Team Pachyderm

7 PM  – Victory Dinner with former Texas Governor Rick Perry – Sold Out

8 PM – Red, White & Boots hosted by the Georgia GOP Congressional DelegationSaint Paul’s River Room, 605 Reynolds Street, Augusta, GA 30901

8:45 PM – Pro-Life and Religious Liberty Prayer Gathering – Estes Room B

9 PM Minority Engagement Mixer at the Partridge Inn


7:30 AM – Victory Breakfast with an address by Sen. David Perdue

8 AM – Nominating Committee, Rules Committee, Credentials Committee Meetings; Georgia Young Republicans Convention in Estes A

7:30 PM – Celebration Dinner & Dance


8 AM – Prayer Breakfast

The election for National Committeewoman took a turn for the crazy yesterday, as an email from Dr. Bill Hudson, Susan E. Stanton, and Joyce Schumacher went out in response, so it said, to some stuff attributed to Debbie Dooley. From that email:

Debbie Dooley has been casting aspersions and falsehoods about many good GOP activists including Maria Zack. Enough is enough. Maria has been assisting conservative organizations, including ours, at the capitol, when we needed her guidance. She received no compensation for her services to us.

Meanwhile, Debbie has been depicting herself as a grassroots volunteer trying to do the right things for our state and country while prostituting her “principles” to the highest bidder.

Some examples include:

• Taking money (along with others from Tea Party Patriots from Univision not to oppose amnesty for illegal aliens. (What would Donald Trump think of this?)

• Taking money from solar companies to convince the PSC that public utilities must buy a certain percentage of power from solar companies. (Free market policies dictate that we should purchase from the most cost effective suppliers and not pick winners and losers.)

• Pushing the telephone tax which many GOP activists and Maria helped us to defeat.

While we support a person earning a living at whatever pursuit, we abhor two faced liars purporting to have one set of beliefs and taking money to oppose them.

What Debbie did in bragging about cutting the deal with the Jason and Julianne Thompson in the 7th on the delegate slate (two of which were establishment and one to Debbie) weeks before many even attended their interviews then falsely accusing Cruz people of taking over the 7th to cover their tracks was deceptive and despicable. She proudly announced her love of implementing Saul Alinsky tactics.

We, the GOP, should never support anyone for a GOP position if they incite fear, bullying and death threats on other GOP activists. Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots never disavowed the actions. which should have been immediate. The Thompson’s shenanigans did not go unnoticed and all delegates need to know the truth. Furthermore, Debbie’s recent attacks on Maria are total fabrications and totally unfounded. Maria has the experience and the integrity to lead the GAGOP within the state as well as on the national stage.

Debbie Dooley took to Facebook to dispute the allegations in that email:

It is extremely unfortunate that a candidate for Georgia Republican National Committeewoman, Maria Strollo Zack, is spreading ridiculous rumors that I took money from Univision to not oppose illegal immigration.

It is an outrageous, slanderous lie that I took money from Univision. I have never, ever received one dime from Univision. I call on those making such ridiculous accusations to issue a retraction immediately. She also accused Tea Party Patriots of taking money from Univision to not oppose illegal immigration even though Tea Party Patriots was on the front line opposing the Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill.

I have always been a very strong advocate against amnesty and illegal immigration. I have always been on the front line fighting the open borders crowd. Just read my FaceBook posts about it and those of Atlanta Tea Party.

This email supports Rep. Matt Ramsey’s anti-illegal immigration Bill 87 4 or 5 years ago

Ask those fighting illegal immigration in Georgia if I am soft on illegal immigration and amnesty. They will tell you no way.

It is a shame that some will resort to outright lies in order to win an election. Haven’t we had enough of that in Washington D.C. ?

I will be sending out an email later on today addressing the false accusations.

Seventh District GAGOP Chair Jason Thompson also took to mass email to dispute some of the statements,

Earlier today you received an email from a man named Bill Hudson with a “reply to” email address of Maria Strollo Zack – a woman running for Republican National Committee Woman.

In a section of the email Hudson accused my wife and I of a “weeks-long” deal cutting conspiracy regarding national delegates. I would like to not even dignify such a gross display of trash with a response, but I will not stand idly by while my and my wife’s integrity is called into question. Especially when we went out of our way to ensure fairness…even giving up my own slot as a national delegate at the District Convention. And with all of the vile and threatening things said to my wife.


These actions are unacceptable, and this must be said, we need a National Committee Woman who will bring honor, dignity, and and a spirit of truthfulness to the office. Shame on Bill Hudson and an even bigger shame on Maria Strollo Zack, who knows the truth, but is choosing to promote a lie for personal and political gain.

Jason Thompson, Chairman
Georgia Republican Party Seventh District Committee

We can also expect some drama over the religious freedom and campus carry bills that were vetoed by Gov. Deal.

I’ll be going to the Convention later today, but I’m not happy about it, and I’ll be avoiding as much of it as I can. The one beam of sunshine I see in this whole thing is the RLG/CLI Alumni event at 5:30 today. I hope to see you there.

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