District Attourney reflects on his goals of 2013 | NorthwestGeorgiaNews.com


District Attourney reflects on his goals of 2013 | NorthwestGeorgiaNews.com

Jack Browning, Polk County’s district attorney, has had a busy first year in office.

Since he was sworn-in in January 2013, Browning worked to meet the three goals he set in a Cedartown Standard article last January: better communication with law enforcement, strict sentencing guidelines and moving cases along in a timely fashion. Browning said he thinks he has made progress toward meeting his goals.

“I would like to believe we have an excellent relationship with law enforcement,” Browning said. “It’s pretty common for a police officer to call me on my cell phone at all times and talk to me about cases.”

Another goal Browning set for his first year in office was to have strict sentencing recommendations for certain crimes in his district. He focused on violent crimes, burglary, drug dealing and manufacturing as well as crimes against children.

“If we have these types of cases, these folks need to go to prison,” Browning said.

According to Browning, the sentencing is ultimately up to the judge, but that judges consider the recommendations of the district attorney’s office.

He said he has to balance his goals with what the governor is doing with criminal justice reform. He explained that sentencing has changed in recent years. For example, there is now less prison time for possession of methamphetamine and there are new degrees of burglary with different sentences.

Browning explained moving cases through the court system is partly subject to the court’s calendar. He said one way he was able to move more cases along was to create a “special criminal calendar” of misdemeanor-only cases to back up the usually light civil trial weeks. He said misdemeanor cases are generally easier to try than felony cases, and this process has allowed more time for felony cases to be scheduled and tried. This has helped to clear the backlog of cases in Polk County, he said.

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