D.C. frustration felt on Gainesville square | GainesvilleTimes.com


D.C. frustration felt on Gainesville square | GainesvilleTimes.com

On a sunny, crisp fall day in the Gainesville square, with a singer strumming out tunes on his acoustic guitar, the setting seemed too serene for gritty, political talk, especially in the wake of partisan finger-pointing and rhetoric from the nation’s capital.

But a few downtown visitors didn’t mind opening up, sharing their thoughts with The Times about the goings-on of U.S. elected officials and the gridlock that seems to envelope every major issue.

And, reflecting the low approval ratings in recent polls, they’re not particularly happy with the performance of the government and — maybe worse yet — don’t think things will improve soon.

“I am frustrated,” said Lauren Hockaday of Cleveland. “I feel like there are a lot of selfish ambitions. I don’t know necessarily that there are pure intentions for the greater (population).”

Kristy Sacik of Pendergrass said she believes legislators, “feel like they’re doing their best, but I also think they get so high up there that they forget what it was like to be us, to be able to eat or make a car payment or electric bill.

“They’re so disconnected from the people.”

Lajos Toth of Gainesville said compromise seems to be lacking and that’s a problem that’s “getting worse and worse.”

“The lines are so separate now that it seems like there’s no room for compromise on either side,” he said.

And the polarization couldn’t come at a worse time, he added, when Congress is wrestling over such key issues as health care and stark financial issues, particularly the debt ceiling and deficit.

“Compromise should have been achieved with the shutdown,” Toth said. “It weakens both parties.”

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