Common Core supporters speak at first hearing |


Common Core supporters speak at first hearing |

Current and retired educators spoke out in favor of Common Core during a hearing Tuesday at Alexander High in Douglasville.

The educators, not often heard from during what has become an incendiary political debate, urged state leaders not to move away from the standards, which have been in place in Georgia for a couple of years.

“Our students will be better prepared,” said Denise Grentz, a retired teacher from Douglas County. “The Common Core will benefit students with high mobility. Let’s embrace the Common Core.”

Tuesday’s meeting, where most of the roughly 25 speakers who spoke support the standards, was the first of several that will be held in congressional districts throughout the state over the next few months as part of a review ordered by Gov. Nathan Deal.

State Board of Education members are holding public feedback sessions and will send what they hear to the University of Georgia for compilation. That information, combined with data from teacher surveys on the standards, will then be reviewed by the board.

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