Agritourism hard to define and regulate |


Agritourism hard to define and regulate |

As agritourism becomes more popular, businesses in Hall County are taking advantage of market demand.

However, some farms and barns that offer agricultural “experiences” are larger or closer to neighbors than others and regulating them has been a challenge for county government.

Commissioners are expected to discuss changes to a proposed “agri-entertainment” ordinance at its work session Monday. The first reading of the ordinance June 27 left them unsatisfied, with more questions than answers and directions to staff members to look at issues such as minimum lot size, conservation land use and distances from residential neighbors.

Some agribusiness owners say they shouldn’t have to get a business license.

The Georgia Agritourism Association defines agritourism as a unique experience that combines traditional agriculture with tourism and includes educational, entertainment, relaxation, hospitality, shopping and dining experiences.

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