Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for January 18, 2019


Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for January 18, 2019

Puffin PAWS

Puffin is a young male Rottweiler mix who is available for adoption from PAWS Atlanta in Decatur, GA.

Puffin has everything going for him except a home. Intelligent, athletic, sweet, and well behaved, he is nearly perfect in every way. This exuberant nine-month-old runs like the wind! He loves to play with people and dogs alike. Whatever activity you suggest, he’s game. Puffin is also a gentleman. He comes when called and is eager to please, looking at you for his cues. He is mannerly on his leash and he waits to be released into his kennel or onto the trails. Whatever Puffin’s heritage might be, it works. Stand back, and you can see his Rottweiler coloring. Watch him run, and a sleek herder or a retriever springs to mind. He is, in a word, beautiful. Puffin plays nicely with another PAWS dog, so bring yours out to meet him during a supervised visit. He’ll be waiting, eager to make your acquaintance.

Atreyu PAWS

Atreyu is a male Hound and Rottweiler mix who is available for adoption from PAWS Atlanta in Decatur, GA.

Atreyu is a staff favorite: playful, fun, eager to get his game on with anyone and everyone. With his long legs, he may be the fastest runner and ball chaser in the shelter. Atreyu loves going for walks, and really enjoys ANY kind of exercise. He is so eager to meet people, it sometimes takes him a minute to gather himself in his kennel. We hope he’ll find an active home with gentle people who can guide him and show him how to be an excellent dog.

Butter PAWS

Butter is a male Labrador Retriever mix who is available for adoption from PAWS Atlanta in Decatur, GA.

When Butter smiles at us, and he smiles at us a lot, everything feels right with the world. He’s a sleek, athletic, wildly-smart guy who is looking for a kindred spirit human. At 4, Butter bonds quickly with people who will spend time with him, engage him, and really get him. He is so crazy intelligent, he craves a job, or something to do – whether it’s training, or playing fetch in the yard, or going for a run together. Doesn’t matter. He needs that sense of purpose and connection.

Butter has been working with the positive-focused trainers at Canine PhD for so long, he practically has a PhD in the basics of being a great dog. Now, all he needs is someone who can channel his energy and give him a job to do, even if that “job” is just having fun. When you first meet him, you might get the feeling Butter is sizing you up. Mostly because he is. But once he knows you, he is loyal to a fault. He has been fostered and has been wonderful in with the people in his foster homes, but he was not willing to share with other pets.

Butter can sometimes be possessive with food and high-value treats and toys, so we feel he would not be a great fit for young children. He would be perfect for you if you’re looking for a confident, smart, striking dog who is beyond eager to learn. We could talk about Butter for days. If you have any questions, please shoot them our way. No one deserves a happy-ever-after more than this guy.


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