Adoptable Georgia Dogs for September 30, 2014


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for September 30, 2014


Stormie is a beautiful Black Lab puppy. Here’s her story:

I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I ended up on a shrimp dock in New Orleans all by myself. And there was a big storm coming. It was a hurry cane. I guess that means it was coming fast! I was scared and alone and the waves were getting bigger and bigger. Everyone else was leaving, but I had nowhere to go…

Until my new friend Jill helped save me. She took me to a local shelter and then thanks to help from a few other new friends, including Kim, I made it to Life is labs Rescue in Georgia.

I’m still a little squirt. I love to run and play just like every other puppy. The hurry cane coming was very scary, but other than that I’m not afraid of anything. I love playing with all of my friends of all sizes. And I LOVE to be cuddled and pet.

I have some pretty long legs, so I think I’m going to run like the wind once I figure out how to keep them under me. I would love to go hiking or play ball with you! I bet I’d like to swim, too!

I’m also well-behaved. When I first got her, I thought people liked when I chewed on their hands. but I figured out they don’t. Ok, point taken! Now I just lick! I’m also a very good girl at night; I sleep all in my crate all the way until it’s time to get up again.

I still don’t know why nobody wanted me and left me at a dock? I don’t think I did anything wrong, but maybe I chewed on somebody too much or something??? I don’t know, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore because around here, they keep telling me what a good little girl I am!

Stormie is available for adoption from Life is Labs in Temple, Georgia.



Yvette is a young female Hound mix who weighs 51 pounds. She’s gentle, great with kids, and just a laid-back kinda gal. She has lots of personality, and also loves to run and play. Yvette is available for adoption from HART (Humane Animal Resource Team) of McIntosh County in Darien, GA.


Roberta is a Shepherd/Lab mix, female, 1-2 years old. Loves to cuddle and give smooches. Roberta is available for adoption from One Love Animal Rescue, Inc in Savannah, GA.

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