Adoptable Georgia Dogs for June 26, 2014


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for June 26, 2014

Miley Prisoner

The first Miley is a young female Boxer who is in real jail, not just doggie jail. She’s part of Canine Cellmates, a program at the Fulton County Jail that brings dogs into the jail from government shelters, and uses them to help the prisoners learn training and grooming skills that can help them find jobs once they’re released and reduce recidivism.

The incidence of violent outburst in prison and jail facilities where these program are in place has shown a dramatic decrease, sometimes as much as 50%. Recidivism rates have also shown marked improvements. The Atlanta metro area has one of the highest recidivism (or re-offend) rates in the country, around 70% within the first 2 years after release. In Gwinnett County, over 300 inmates have gone through this program to date, and only 6 or 7 of them have since re-offended, which is roughly 2.3%.

Miley is a happy young dog, sweet and affectionate and available for adoption. Contact Canine CellMates at Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, GA for more information or email

Miley Prisoner 2

Miley Albany

This Miley is a young female who looks like a quintessential South Georgia dog – part Hound and part Retriever. She is available for adoption from Albany Humane Society in Albany, GA.

Miley Albany2


Bill is an adult, medium-size Terrier mix who is available for adoption from Habersham County Animal Shelter in Clarkesville, GA.

Last night, I was at Georgia Public Broadcasting for the political roundtable at “On the Story,” when I saw someone walking through the lobby with a small dog on a leash. I asked, and it turns out that GPB is a dog-friendly workplace. From a blog on GPB’s website:

At GPB, everyday is Take Your Dog to Work Day. Four legged pals routinely trot down the halls or sit in on meetings with their pet parents. Look closely and you’ll spot our president and CEO Teya Ryan, walking her pet Havenese Miley out front.

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