Adoptable Georgia Dogs for July 19, 2013


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for July 19, 2013

The Rome News-Tribune writes about their local rescue group, Animal Rescue Foundation of Rome-Floyd County Inc.

Victory scrambled down the hallway and into the arms of Robin Alexander.

After 10 days in the care of Dr. Daniel Todd and the staff of Mount Berry Animal Hospital, the female pit bull was able to go to a pet foster home Wednesday afternoon.

Discovered in Dekalb County around July 4, Victory suffered from a severe deep gash on the left side of her face that ran about five inches behind her eye toward the back of her head.

“It was a clean cut, so we think she was cut by a knife,” Crumley said, adding that Victory was probably used as a bait dog — a dog that helps train other dogs to fight by introducing the smell of blood.

In honor of Victory and Dean, the other dog profiled by the RN-T, today’s adoptable dogs are from ARF.


Pate is probably the prototypical dog from the upper-left hand corner of Georgia along the Tennessee border. A black-and-tan coonhound, Pate is about six months old and lost his tail after it became infected because a rubber-band was stopping the blood flow. Our dog, Dolly, is a coonhound mix, and the breed makes a great companion, especially for people who enjoy outdoors recreation.

ARF-BuggyBuggy is a large, black female mixed-breed who was found emaciated and almost hairless before ARF brought her into foster and helped her recover her health and her beautiful coat. Buggy gets along with kids and other dogs and is said to be a perfect family dog.

ARF-PatchesPatches is a one-eyed male Shih-tzu who gets around just fine, thank you. He was attacked by another dog before coming into ARF, who helped him get patched up; volunteers says he’s super sweet.

You may also support ARF by making an online donation here. You may mail a check to:

PO Box 682
Rome, GA 30162

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