Whither the Competitive Open-Seat Race? | Rothenblog


Whither the Competitive Open-Seat Race? | Rothenblog

Open seats are supposed to be opportunities. Without longtime incumbents on the ballot, these districts should be easier to takeover. But six months into the 2014 cycle, that just isn’t the case on the House side.

So far, there are 10 districts slated to be open seats because the member is running for higher office or retiring in 2014. Either President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney won all of them with at least 55 percent last year.

Of the current open seats, President Obama did well in Hawaii’s 1st (70 percent), Iowa’s 1st (56 percent), Michigan’s 14th (81 percent) and Pennsylvania’s 13th (66 percent). Romney swept Georgia’s 1st (56 percent), 10th (63 percent) and 11th (67 percent) districts as well as Louisiana’s 6th (66 percent), Minnesota’s 6th (57 percent) and West Virginia’s 2nd (60 percent).

Republicans had hoped Rep. John Barrow, D-Ga., would jump into an open seat Senate race, figuring that his 12th District (55 percent Romney district) would have been a likely Republican takeover.

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