Todd Akin, Virginia Style? | Rothenblog


Todd Akin, Virginia Style? | Rothenblog

Until Saturday night, I had never heard of E.W. Jackson, a Harvard Law School graduate and minister who served three years in the Marine Corps and attended Harvard Divinity School.

I’ve never met the man, but I already know that Republicans in the commonwealth of Virginia have a problem with their new nominee for lieutenant governor.

The combination of material on Jackson’s own website and the videos of Jackson speaking for himself suggest that Republicans have nominated a no-holds-barred social conservative who seems destined to utter the sort of controversial comments reminiscent of former Missouri Republican Rep. Todd Akin.

Nominating conventions are inherently dangerous for political parties. The activists who show up invariably are more ideological than most in their party, and they seem to care little about nominating candidates with broad appeal or proven electability. (The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party had this problem for years, which is why the winner at the state convention often lost in the primary.)

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