Three Complaints filed against Marlow | The Cherokee Ledger-News


Three Complaints filed against Marlow | The Cherokee Ledger-News

Post 1 School Board Member Kelly Marlow has displayed confrontational behavior at recent school board meetings when dealing with Superintendent Dr. Frank Petruzielo and other board members, but complaints received by the school district suggest her behavior is causing ripples of discontent among teachers, administration and the public, as well.

According to an Open Records Request filed with the Cherokee School District by the Ledger-News for official e-mails concerning Marlow, two complaints have been filed by teachers, one as recently as Monday morning. Marlow, when contacted on deadline Monday afternoon, said, “I expect to be quoted exactly as stated here: The alleged complaint you mentioned is factually incorrect. This administration and their pawns’ complete and blatant disregard for seeking the truth is being used as a distraction to steer the public eye away from the fiscal irresponsibility that I have exposed. The consistent manipulation of school board policies to obscure this administration’s fiscal shenanigans is not only unethical and divisive, it could and should become the subject if (sic) an extensive investigation by our state’s attorney general.”

via The Cherokee Ledger-News.

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