The Marietta Daily Journal – GBI on chicken case


The Marietta Daily Journal – GBI on chicken case

MARIETTA — Chicken activist Joseph Pond of east Cobb has convinced the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to investigate Commissioner JoAnn Birrell over a zoning case involving his hens.

Pond asked Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds and Sheriff Neil Warren to investigate Birrell, and they in turn handed the case over to the GBI June 8.

Pond, who has filed two previous ethics complaints against Birrell, both of which have been dismissed by the Cobb Ethics Board, maintains that Birrell not only violated the county’s ethics code by failing to show impartiality on a variance case for backyard chickens, she gave false testimony during her ethics hearing.

“She broke the law,” Pond said. “She’s given false and misleading information.”

Birrell told the MDJ on Thursday, “All I can say is I can assure you once again that I am innocent of any wrongdoing, I have not broken the law, and I have not acted in an unethical or illegal manner, and as long as this is under GBI investigation I can’t really comment on any specifics, but I can assure you I’ve been cleared twice by the ethics board of anything or really of nothing, so we’ll just see what happens.”

Birrell went on to say, “It’s ridiculous and it is harassment and that’s all I can say.”

Pond has a different view.

“I find breaking the state law very serious,” he said. “I do not consider it ridiculous. Was it ridiculous when Bill Clinton was caught lying under oath and he was impeached? Was that harassment? She’s an elected official, and she broke the law, and she needs to be held to the same laws that we are.”

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