Streamlined recycling pays off for Hall County |


Streamlined recycling pays off for Hall County |

Hall County is losing less money than it was a year ago, thanks to its streamlined recycling process.

The county’s decision to change how recycling was done over the past year has proven successful. More waste is being recycled and more money is being brought in, officials said.

The new system doesn’t require as much separating of material by type and color at the 12 compactor sites, said Rick Foote, natural resources director. There are currently three categories: paper and cardboard, metal and plastic, and glass.

Foote said the change has taken away two of the stumbling blocks that people use as excuses not to recycle.

“We wanted to increase our volume,” Foote said. “Why do people not recycle? They say ‘I don’t have the time, it’s not convenient, I don’t know how to recycle.’ Those are the common problems.”

But now it’s more convenient. Hall County went from collecting about 3,500 tons in fiscal year 2012 to more than 5,000 tons in fiscal year 2013.

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