State Sen. Mike Crane announces for 3d Congressional District


State Sen. Mike Crane announces for 3d Congressional District

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[On Wednesday], State Senator Mike Crane announced his candidacy for Congress in Georgia’s Third Congressional District to succeed retiring Congressman Lynn Westmoreland.

Crane Announcement Podium

Crane, who quickly became known for his willingness to stand up to the political establishment, said he his running to send reinforcements to conservatives currently fighting for small government principles in Washington.

“The message is we are tired of vending machine politics.” Crane said. “You put in enough money, you push a button and you get what you want. That ends today.”

Crane was joined at his announcement by several of his conservative colleagues from the House and Senate.

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“Some people around this Capitol were counting on conservatives in this district dividing themselves and cancelling each other out. They don’t get it. We are about advancing the ideas of the conservative movement.” Said State Senator Josh McKoon.

In his endorsement of Senator Crane, Senator Josh McKoon stated “We need a champion for small government, lower taxes, and less regulation; someone who will be a champion of life and religious liberty. Mike Crane is that champion!”

“Mike has consistently stood for liberty since the day he arrived at the Georgia Capitol, and he will continue to do so in Washington.” — Senator William Ligon

“Mike is a dear friend, and a true leader in the fight for freedom. It has been my honor to serve alongside him in the Georgia Senate, and I look forward to having him represent me, and the rest of the 3rd district in Washington.” — Senator Marty Harbin

“Senator Crane is a true fiscal conservative that will fight to reign in an out of control federal government while pushing back against the D.C. and party establishment that have caused so many of the problems we are facing as a country.” — Representative David Stover

“It is with great pleasure that I announce my support of Senator Mike Crane for Congress. Senator Crane has the character and integrity that the people of the 3rd Congressional District have come to expect. His passion for conservative values and constitutionality is infectious!” — Senator Bruce Thompson

“Whenever a Senate bill comes over to the House, the first thing I look at is how Mike Crane voted. He is an excellent litmus test for limited government conservatism.” —State Rep John Pezold

“I am deeply honored and encouraged by the support from all across the district.” said Crane. “I am particularly grateful to my fellow legislators for their support in this campaign. It has been a true honor to stand beside these courageous conservatives over the past years in our common fight for our state and our nation”.


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Mike Crane knows the value of hard work; from receiving his minimum wage paychecks at the age of 15 to signing paychecks for more than 50 employees.

After graduating from Stone Mountain High School, Mike earned his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management from Georgia Tech in 1987. While at Georgia Tech, Mike met Tracey, his wife of 26 years.

Mike has spent 30 years building Atlanta. He began his experience as a carpenter’s apprentice in his father’s workshop. He slowly built his reputation and skill set, eventually becoming the general manager of an Atlanta area construction company. While managing the company, Mike and his employees completed over $80 million worth of projects. He eventually started his own construction company, which has had greater than $10 million worth of impact on local economies. During his career, Mike has worked in or built some of Atlanta’s most recognizable landmarks, including: the downtown Varsity, the CNN Center, Underground Atlanta, Northlake, Southlake, Phipps Plaza, Perimeter, Lenox Mall, the Hard Rock Café, and the Galleria Center.

Mike and Tracey are blessed to have two children with them, Caitlin (23) and Ethan (12). Their son Alden went to be with the Lord 18 years ago. Family life has always been focused around ministry and their walk with the Lord. Over the years, Mike has had a variety of opportunities to serve many local churches; teaching Sunday school, serving on finance and building committees, working on mission trips, participating in prison ministries, and supporting children’s home outreach programs.

Tracey is a dedicated wife and mother. She works alongside her husband in his ministry and construction business. Caitlin leads worship at their home church in Newnan, and is also going after her music dreams as a singer/songwriter. Caitlin is the founder of Just1, a non-profit that raises awareness and funds to help fight the worldwide issue of human trafficking and slavery. Ethan enjoys learning to build things alongside his dad. The Crane family attends Forward Church, and are involved with several ministries. The Crane family also supports Gospel for Asia and would invite you to learn more at

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