Speaker Newt Gingrich Picks Jack Kingston for U.S. Senate


Speaker Newt Gingrich Picks Jack Kingston for U.S. Senate

ATLANTA, GA – Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich today endorsed Jack Kingston for U.S. Senate.

Gingrich, who helped recruit Kingston to run for Congress, said he has seen first hand the candidate’s zeal for advancing the conservative cause.

“I counted on Jack Kingston to help me implement the Contract with America, enact welfare reform, and balance the budget for the first time in a generation,” said Gingrich.  “I can say from first hand experience that he is a tireless reformer dedicated to advancing our conservative values.”

“Now is the time for conservative reformers like Jack Kingston who will take bold action to shake up the status quo and renew the American Dream for generations to come.  I urge all Georgia Republicans to unite around conservative Jack Kingston in the July 22 runoff election.”

The architect of the Contract for America, Gingrich Represented Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District in Congress for twenty years.  From 1989 through 1995 he served as House Minority Whip.  After leading the 1994 Republican Revolution, he was elected Speaker of the House.

Kingston sees Gingrich as a trailblazer for conservatives in Georgia who helped fundamentally shift the national political landscape.

“Newt Gingrich began sowing the seeds of conservative Republicanism before it was cool or politically expedient,” said Kingston.  “He helped foster an opposition party in Georgia and lead the Republican Revolution on a national level. I’ve long considered him a friend and mentor and am thankful to count on his support in this race.”

Kingston is advocating for a new agenda for the Republican party similar to the Contract with America.  He has proposed the American Renewal Initiative, a six-point plan focused on strong national security, reduced spending, and robust private sector job creation.  The tenets include:

  • bolstering national defense;
  • balancing the budget;
  • stopping job-killing regulations;
  • achieving American energy independence;
  • promoting workfare over welfare; and
  • simplifying the tax code.

Georgia Republicans will return to the polls on July 22 to select a nominee for Senator.  Absentee ballots will be available beginning June 7 with in person early voting beginning June 30.  For more information visit http://vote.JackKingston.org.

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