Southern Democrats mostly careful on shutdown | Online Athens


Southern Democrats mostly careful on shutdown | Online Athens

ATLANTA — In the tempest over shutdown politics, Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu stands out among Southern Democratic candidates with her embrace of the three-year-old health care law at the core of Capitol Hill dysfunction.

A third-term senator who faces a tough re-election fight next year, Landrieu called Republicans “reckless and irresponsible and radical” for using the federal budget and looming vote to raise the debt ceiling as leverage for demands to scrap President Barack Obama’s signature law.

“I’m not willing to negotiate away the character of this law on the debt ceiling,” Landrieu told The Associated Press recently. “I won’t negotiate it away on the budget. I won’t negotiate it away at all. Period.”

Yet Landrieu’s fellow Southern Democrats running in 2014 Senate races have taken a more cautious approach in the face of Republican pressure over the law they deride as “Obamacare.”

In Georgia, [Michelle] Nunn, a first-time candidate whose father served nearly a quarter century in the Senate, uses the shutdown to bolster her campaign as a Washington outsider critical of both parties. In an op-ed published in Sam Nunn’s hometown newspaper last Monday, the younger Nunn cast the situation as a “failure of leadership” and argued that “neither side has been serious about cutting government spending making the hard choices necessary to reduce our national debt.”

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