Senator Chip Rogers and challenger Brandon Beach face off in Cherokee County


Senator Chip Rogers and challenger Brandon Beach face off in Cherokee County

Thursday night, Senator Chip Rogers and challenger Brandon Beach clashed at the Cherokee County Republican Party debate held at Cagle Farms in Hickory Flat. Though the debate was in Cherokee County, the winner of the July 31st Republican Primary will represent a large portion of North Fulton County. Additionally, Rogers is the second-highest ranking Republican in the State Senate.

After Rogers and Beach both gave their positions on the Charter School Amendment that will appear on the November 8th General Election ballot, Rogers tried to rebut Beach’s statement in his next turn at the microphone but was heckled by the crowd and informed by the moderator that rebuttals were not allowed in the debate rules.

Charges flying back-and-forth are nothing new for this race and the question of charter schools is likely to remain a hot issue through the primary.

When he first announced his campaign in May, Beach made clear that he differed from Rogers on the issue of Charter Schools:

Beach said real educational freedom consists of allowing teachers to teach and principals to manage the schools.

“School boards and the parents that elect them know what is right for their school district, not bureaucrats in D.C. and Atlanta,” he said.

Rogers on the other hand is one of the legislature’s strongest proponents of charter schools and was the Senate sponsor of the Charter School Amendment, which would empower the state school board to grant a charter when the local board has denied one.

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