Sea turtle nesting ramping up in Ga. |


Sea turtle nesting ramping up in Ga. |

After a slow start, loggerhead sea turtles are nesting heavily again along the Georgia coast this season.

A record year is in sight for what’s already been a season of surprises on Tybee and Wassaw islands.

More than 1,300 nests have been counted on beaches from Cumberland to Little Tybee, topping the long-term seasonal average of 1,035. And there are at least two prime weeks of nesting to go, said Georgia sea turtle coordinator Mark Dodd.

Plus, if the season’s sluggish start means nesting continues unabated a little later than usual, into the third week of July, last year’s record of 2,241 nests could fall. If it did, it would be the fourth year in a row for a new record.

“We could easily reach 2,000 nests,” Dodd said.

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